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Be the very best version of yourself

"Beauty is being the very best version of yourself"

Cheryl Huggins - Founder of FaceClays

FaceClays Beauty Mask

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FaceClays Treatments



All of FaceClays' ingredients, botanicals, and packaging are sourced ethically and sustainably.

When developing hand-blended skincare products, founder Cheryl Huggins is dedicated and passionate about using plant and raw materials derived from natural goodness for healthy skin.

At my mothers' and grandmothers' kitchen tables, I first developed a lifetime love of fashion and beauty by seeing every combination of products, oils, and lotions for the face, hair, and body. Even now, I still utilise their effective home recipes and medicines!

I think it's critical to maintain a cruelty-free, sustainable self-care practise that makes use of the balancing, organic power of plant oils and botanical actives.

As a beauty company, we are committed to offering high-quality, reasonably priced, hand-blended products while removing chemicals from skin care regimens and replacing them with healthy ingredients.


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