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our story

FACECLAYS is a skincare system developed to bring your skin optimal radiance and confidence. Our products are created with nature in mind, using only ethically harvested plants and ingredients. The heart of our range is in the incredible power of nature without toxicity and harsh chemicals. We are proud that our products are free from parabens, animal by-products, and harmful additives. Our vegan-friendly skin-care products harnesses the power of botanical herbs. The hand-created ‘straight from nature’ range includes exciting holistic facial therapies that bring the ultimate spa experience to your home. 


FACECLAY’s clean beauty skincare system was formulated and produced in the UK, with some of the best resources and practices used where possible.  After extensive research and a careful selection of high-quality ingredients, all our products are created to bring you an ethical skincare system suitable for all the family.

Our Products 


Pure Radiance Mask
Pure Radiance Mask. This effortless, multi-action skincare product is made from 100% Kaolin Clay dried naturally from the ancient volcanic region in Brittany. It is often described as one of the world’s most powerful facial cleansers. The FACECLAYS Pure Radiance Mask is a non-ionized clay without preservatives, added fragrances or colourants from isolated quarries in a natural environment. 


Rejuvenation Facial Treatment Oil

Illuminate, refresh and hydrate your skin with the rejuvenating treatment facial oil. Using powerhouse botanicals to deliver vital nutrients and a radiant glow.

Our Founder

Professionally licensed esthetician and educator Cheryl Huggins, understood from the age of 12 the importance of great skincare that delivers fantastic results. Based on her extensive experience of over 30 years as a makeup artist and skincare specialist for world-leading brands, she believes that natural skincare is the key to beautiful, radiant skin.


Inspired by her mother’s traditional homemade masks and using her knowledge of the power of herbs and pure aromatic oils, Cheryl developed FACECLAYS for everyone who loves plant-based beauty products. 


Her product range was created whilst harvesting ingredients, creating hand-crafted products for herself and her clients.

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